Garimpo ilegal invade reserva de índios ianomâmis
Illegal mining invades Yanomami reservation

With English subtitles.

Video-Descripition by socioambiental – 18.10.2011:

“Reportagem do Fantástico sobre o garimpo ilegal na Terra Indígena Yanomami.”

A story about illegal mining in the Yanomami area.

Yanomami – The Dying Tribe

Video-Playlist: Yanomami – The Dying Tribe (1991, produced by Paul Welsh)

Video-Description by pastmatters – 26.01.2010

“The Yanomami tribe of the Amazon Rainforest are an important case study for the Culture and Beliefs module of GCSE Humanities. The Yanomami are a tribe who lived until recently without contact with the outside world. Now their world is threatened by gold miners, their pollution, their way of life and their diseases. The Yanomami norms and values are very different to those we hold in the developed world, as the video shows, young boys play with bows and arrows to learn how to hunt, and an entire village lives together in one Maloka or communal hut.”