One-Off Donations

Yanomami child

Yanomami child

Our Donations account:

Yanomami-Hilfe e.V.
Sparkasse Mittelholstein
Account number: 33 88 22 8
Bank code number: 214 500 00
IBAN: DE 0821 4500 0000 0338 8228

Donation Certificates

Yanomami-Hilfe e.V. is an officially approved nonprofit organisation. You will automatically receive your donation certificate at the beginning of the new year. Please do not forget to enter your full address when making a donation.

Regular Donations

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Regular donations make it possible for us to plan ahead and to react quickly in emergencies.
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Special Donations

Instead of presents, you might want to ask for a donation to the Yanomami for Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, and other celebrations.

What You Can Do

Yanomami children

Yanomami children

Many German schools organize charity events benefitting the Yanomami. (see Credits).
Some suggestions:

  • Bake sales and raffles at school and church events or at flea markets
  • Flea market, christmas bazaar, tombola
  • Music events, musicals, concerts
  • Theater play
  • Sponsors march
  • Help your friends, neighbours, and relatives with their chores (e.g. washing the car, mowing the lawn, tidying up garage or basement) in exchange for a donation to the Yanomami

Yanomami Wish List

You can also support us by contributing to specific items and equipment.
For medical training and care the Yanomami in Venezuela require:

  • Mosquito nets á 6,- Euro
  • Walkie-talkie (800,- Euro)
  • Microscope (1.700,- Euro)
  • 15 hp outboard motorboat (3.700,- Euro)
  • Mobile medical station (60.000,- Euro)

On behalf of the Yanomami, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our friends and members for their donations and their support.

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